Best Tips & Tricks For Skin Whitening In Pakistan

Who doesn’t want a bright, white gleaming skin? Luckily, our skin responds to how we behave with it. Most often students and working ladies make huge compromises on their skin  in searching and actually introducing skincare rituals to their daily routines owing to shortage of time. Our skin is prone to deterioration if it is not taken care of properly. Exposing it to ultraviolet radiations, not keeping it adequately moisturized and not cleaning it properly can lead to severe consequences in the form of acne break out, high pigmentation, pre-age aging, and darkening.

Luckily it is in our control that instead of worrying and blaming why not start the skin rejuvenation and whitening process instantly by following some of the well-researched tips and tricks down below;

Vitamin C Therapy:

Vitamin C is an ingredient which is a basic component of various skin care products. We, at times, oversee the importance of basic vitamins that skin requires and before working on the basics, we embark upon the cosmetic measures. Vitamin C works by reversing the oxidative stress and it neutralizes the free radicals and the damaging molecules. It brightens the skin by reversing pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C works by halting the biological pathways that lead to ultra-violet dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

One can use Vitamin C in the day or night creams, however, if used in the form of a cleansing facial foam has shown optimal results. Our LightSkin Skin Whitening Cleansing Foam contains Vitamin C micro pearl beads which are seen to have tremendous results after optimum use.

Incorporating Glutathione In Your Skincare Routine:

Glutathione is an important component in skin brightening. It is, however, not present in the general skin whitening creams, mostly it is sold by the high profile derma clinics. The impact glutathione on the skin is said to be miraculous.

Glutathione is an inherent antioxidant that the body naturally makes, it has a role in neutralizing harmful free radicals, tt is an immune booster and it detoxifies the body. Gluthaione works by targeting the enzyme tyrosinase, which has a role in melanin production. It is a tried and tested easy way to cast off and even reverse pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

Now, where to find Glutathione? you can search the active ingredients of any whitening cream before buying it, it can be found in whitening creams and serums sold in pharmacies. ActiGlow, a new brand in the market is coming with high profile derma solutions, and Glutathione can be found in our skin lightening cream and facial foam range.

Licorice Root Facial Foam At Rescue:

It is a treasured remedy for skin problems and has innumerable healthcare benefits. It has been used in various natural remedies specifically for sensitive skin types. The active component Glabridin present in licorice root directly affects the discoloration of the skin. It targets the dark circles under eye and age spots by making the skin tone even. Our skin is prone to various internal and external stressors where licorice root is a source of powerful antioxidants which work directly on reducing the impact of these stressors. Moreover, it balances the skin oil hence, it is best for oily skin type.

Now again where to find licorice root and how to use it? As it is a bliss by nature you can use it in home remedies by simply boiling the root and evaporating water, and applying the syrup on the face. It is however, a less practical way of using the root and people often times cannot commit to the long process of buying and boiling. The optimal way is using it in the form of skin care products; luckily the LightSkin Skin Whitening Cleansing Foam by ActiGlow contains licorice toot extracts and it has got you covered.

Wait until we launch the best naturally skin whitening products range that are bound to produce visible results without any side effects.  

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