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LightSkin Advanced Skin Whitening Kit

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LightSkin Complete Skin Whitening Kit For Ultimate Skin Whitening Results Without Side Effects – 14% OFF – Good For One Month – Full Body Whitening.


Complete Kit of LightSkin Advance Skin Whitening Products for the use of 30 days. Dermatologist approved and clinically tested advanced skin whitening kit for maximum results in 4 weeks without any side effect of harmful ingredients. This kit brightens your skin tone as well as treats uneven skin tones, melasma, dark spots, skin discoloration & hyperpigmentation for all skin types.


What's Included Inside The Package

  • 2 LightSkin Soap Bars

  • 1 LightSkin Serum

  • 1 LightSkin 25SPF Lotion

  • 1 LightSkin Night Cream

  • 1 LightSkin Cleansing Foam Face Wash

  • Detailed Instructions


Is it Harmful For My Skin?

Not at all, ActiGlow LightSkin products are free from all unwanted side effects and have been carefully formulated using safest and best ingredients for skincare. These formulations are being used by top derma clinics by doctors around the globe. All LightSkin products have been manufactured in GMP / DRA certified facility in Pakistan.

Order today and get amazing discount on a complete LightSkin advance skin whitening set.