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Rose Hip Seed Oil

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Rose Hip Seed Oil 30ml – 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Essential Oil – Undiluted & Natural


Rose Hip Seed Oil - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Rose Hip Seed Essential Oil

Guaranteed highest quality therapeutic grade undiluted cold pressed Rose Hip Seed essential oil available in Pakistan's market, Our rose hip seed oil is highly concentrated and tested for not having any substance mixed in it to dilute like other Rose Hip Seed oils available in the market.

Please Keep in mind that ActiGlow's Rose Hip Seed is a 100% Purest form of Natural Rose Hip Seed Essential Oil and it does not contain any carrier oil which means this is a very concentrated essential oil and should only be applied after diluting it with a carrier oil.




Benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil

- Best Essential Oil for Hair, Nail & Skin

- Reduces Wrinkles

- Tightens Skin

- Reduces Acne Scars

- Reduces Signs of Aging

- Hydrates Dry Skin

- Tones the Skin

- Removes Dandruff

How To Use?

Since this is 100% pure highly concentrated undiluted essential Rose Hip Seed oil, you have to mix it with a carrier oil such as ActiGlow's Jojoba Oil or Grapeseed Oil. Add few drops of essential oil in a carrier oil to dilute it before applying it on your skin.