Skin Whitening without Side Effects? The Transformation is Real

Fair skin is desired by everybody, but often in the quest of fair skin, we succumb to practice that can be menacing for our skin. The markets are ridden with substances that are not approved by any authority. The influx of these unregulated cosmetic items meets with the people desire for white skin, and they buy anything that has a label of skin whitening without studying the ingredients or the certificate of authority.

Most items contain pungent bleaching agents and chemicals that are too hard for the skin. They may be able to deliver fast results, but they do more harm than good to the health of your skin. Various items are high in mercury that eventually makes the skin thin, other corrosive agents such as hydrogen peroxide are also tough on skin. Often times, the withdrawal effects of these cosmetic items are harmful, which leads to instant darkening and acne breakouts.

It is better for the people who are seeking to whiten their skin to study the ingredients before buying and be assured of the certification of the brand. Having knowledge is important, one should know the chemicals and substances that are good for skin and can deliver results without any side effects.

There are some chemicals which are used by various opulent derma clinics, their way of action; and the biological pathways are well studied and thoroughly researched. People who want instant whitening without side effects must look for these substances in the skin products they buy;

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C brightens the skin by reversing pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C works by stopping the biological pathways that lead to Ultra-Violet dark spots and hyperpigmentation. You can use Vitamin C in the day or night creams, however, it’s used in the form of cleansing facial foams mostly, that  has shown optimal results. LightSkin Skin Whitening Cleansing Foam contains Vitamin C micro pearl beads which are seen to have miraculous results.


Glutathione is the antioxidant that the human body is capable of making, being a vital antioxidant it neutralizing harmful free radicals. It is simultaneously an immune booster and detoxifies the skin. The general pathway glutathione takes is that it targets the activity of enzyme tyrosinase, which has a role in melanin production. This reverses or even eliminates pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.  In order to get glutathione, you  can search the active ingredients of a whitening cream before buying it, it can be found in whitening creams and serums sold in pharmacies. ActiGlow; a new brand in the market is coming with high profile derma solutions and Glutathione can be found in this skin lightening cream and facial foam.

Licorice Root:

It remains a treasured natural remedy. The active component of licorice root is Glabridin which affects the regions of discoloration. The basic target areas of this remedy are dark circles, under eye and age spots, it works by evening the skin tone. Our skin is susceptible to various stressors from inside the body or from the surrounding environment and Licorice root has those powerful antioxidants which work by reducing the impact of these stressors. It is loved by people with oily skin as it keeps the skin oil balanced. You can find it in skin care products though the chance is rare; luckily the LightSkin Skin Whitening Cleansing Foam by ActiGlow contains licorice root extracts which are bound to produce apparent results.

These ingredients are mostly of natural origin and thus do not have reported side effects. However, a consistent use of the products containing the above ingredients is required. These products tend to produce results after 2 weeks of consistent use. ActiGlow’s LightSkin range contains all of the above ingredients along with some other that promise a skin complexion we all long for and that too without reported side effects.

5 thoughts on “Skin Whitening without Side Effects? The Transformation is Real

  1. Saher Nazir says:

    Is this package ok for oily skin and in summer season?

    1. admin says:

      Hey Saher, LightSkin products have been designed for all skin types and yes you can use them in summer season without any issues.

  2. khanmawal99 says:

    Is it good for acne prone skin

    1. admin says:

      Yes it is, moreover you can use our anti acne soap bar with it 🙂

  3. tuloo_522 says:

    Is men use this soap for acne in winter.

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